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Glacier Bay is an incredible jewel, secreted 45 miles west of Juneau. Home to 16 tidewater glaciers, 30 alpine glaciers and numerous unnamed glaciers, this protected national park covers 3.2 million acres of beautiful Southeast Alaska. Two grand glaciers among the many are the Margerie and Grand Pacific. These beauties rise an impressive 250 feet above the water and reach 100 feet below the water!

The awe-inspiring sight of the ice calving off the glacier will amaze you even more when you realize that calving ice is an average of 200 years old. The backdrop is the Fairweather Mountain range, part of the St. Elias Mountains in Canada. While on your voyage, you may also see whales, sea lions, otters and numerous seabirds, possibly bears or even the occasional wolf. The breathtaking views last all day.

$450 - $700 p/p • Call for details

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